Mission and Vision


Assisting young people in Seychelles with the achievement of their educational goals and memorialising the legacy of Archbishop Makarios in Seychelles.


The Foundation will continue developing the scholarship programme established by Archbishop Makarios, extending its remit and establishing a cultural and memorial centre.


Key Strategic Goals

  • Promoting the legacy of Archbishop Makarios in Seychelles
  • Providing educational support for young people in Seychelles
  • Undertaking charitable activities for the betterment of Seychellois society

Proposed projects

  1. Offering scholarships and other educational assistance to deserving young people
  2. Offering scholarship awards for overseas secondary and tertiary level studies in Cyprus
  3. Establishing a scheme to assist with training and apprenticeship work experience in Cyprus for high school and university level students
  4. Establishing a programme for work experience and further employment opportunities in Cyprus for gifted Seychellois
  5. Establishing a mentorship programme by successful Seychellois professionals for young people
  6. Undertaking other charitable activities to benefit children in Seychelles
  7. Undertaking activities to mark the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Makarios
  8. Setting up an Archbishop Makarios Cultural Centre with museum with a permanent exhibition on the life of Archbishop Makarios and his contribution to Seychelles. Centre may also be used for other community events. Space to be created for an Orthodox Church on the same site.