The Board

The Foundation’s board is always chaired by the incumbent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles and of representatives of the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, Honorary Consuls of Cyprus and Greece and the Ministry of Education, as well as ordinary members.

This ensures that the Foundation has a rigorous oversight of its fundraising and disbursement activities and also ensures the longevity of the charity as part of the legacy of Archbishop Makarios in Seychelles.

The current board members:

Justice Rony Govinden
Mrs. Stella Napier
Mrs. Linda Monthy
Archbishop French Chang-Him
Representative of the Anglican Church
Archpriest Sergios Janosevic
Representative of the Orthodox Church
Reverend Father Edwin
Mathiot Representative of the Roman Catholic Church
Mrs. Georgia Van Heyste
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus
Mrs. Juliana Bonne
Representative of the Ministry of Education

Ordinary members:

Mr. Frank Ally
Attorney General of Seychelles
Miss Srdjana Janosevic

Past committee members are:

The Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Seychelles or their representatives

Justice G. Souyave
Justice Dr. E.E. Seaton
Justice I.K. Abban
Justice V. Allear
Justice D. Karunakaran
Justice Dr. Mathilda Twomey

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church:

Monseigneur Gervais Aeby
Bishop Felix Paul

Representatives of the Anglican Church:

Bishop George Briggs
Archbishop French Chang-Him

The Director of Education or Representatives of the Ministry of Education:

The Revd. K. Reeve
Mrs. J. d’Offay Mrs. A. Lucas Mr. P. Vidot
Mr. C. Confait
Mrs. M. Crea Mrs. M. Leste Mrs. Malbrook
Mrs. C. De Commarmond
Minister M. Mondon
Mrs. J. Siméon
Mrs. M. Delcy
Mrs. J. Bonne

The Representative of Archbishop Makarios:

Mr. G. De Commarmond
Mr. Panos Papakokkinos

Honorary Consul of the Hellenic Republic of Greece:

Mr. Panos Papakokkinos
Mr. Tasos Pandazopolous

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus:

Mr. Panos Papakokkinos


Mr. Tasos Pandazopolous